IQ Test: What? Definition, Purpose And Type Of IQ Tests

IQ test is a tool to measure human intelligence. The results of these tests in the form of scores and seen as a reference intelligence. Though the score is influenced by several factors, namely the relationship with family, study habits, parenting, and other factors.

Intelligence is the ability to act in a focused, think rationally and effectively deal with the environment. One head of the health division said that intelligence cannot be observed directly. Observations intelligence can be done by concluding various actions which embodies the rational thought process.

General intelligence is a term used to describe the nature of thought which consists of the ability to planning, reasoning, abstract thinking, problem solving, using the language, understand the idea, and learning. Intelligence can be measured by a psychometric tool which is called the IQ test. There are also experts who argue that IQ is the mental age possessed by humans and the comparison of chronological age.

IQ test are designed to test learning capability, memory, innovative thinking and ability to simultaneosly address several

Understanding (I.Q) Intelligent Quotient

Intelligent quotient or IQ is a number that describes a person’s intelligence level compared with other individuals in a population. IQ has the original definition of the measure the intelligence of children.

IQ is the ratio of mental age (MA) divided by age physically or chronological age (CA) and multiplied by 100.

Formula for IQ Test
Formula for IQ Test

The mental age will be calculated based on the average result that is in a test that is divided into each of the age categories. character, creativity, knowledge, personality, and wisdom can get into intelligence. But some psychologists do not put these things into the definition of intelligence.

Usually intelligence related to mental ability to think. There are also saying that intelligence is thought or action aimed and adaptive.

Types Of Intelligence

Here is some of the intelligence possessed by humans:

  • Linguistic intelligence

People who have this intelligence are a smart person to process words when writing and speaking. Usually these people love to play Scrabble, fill the puzzle, clearly interpret written language, and reading. If you have this intelligence, then the job that suits you is a poet, lawyer, or journalist.

  • Intelligence of logic or mathematics

Intelligent people are people who are good in terms of logic and numbers. These people can make categorization and classification with ease, be able to think with the pattern of cause and effect, creating hypothesis, and life is viewed rationally. According to intelligence work that is accountants, programmers, and scientists.

  • Spatial intelligence

People who have this intelligence have the sharp visual sensitivity, shape and space, color, balance, and lines. They are good for sketching an idea clearly. Job matching for intelligence is designers, architects, engineers, photographers, or pilot.

  • Physical and kinetic intelligence

People with this intelligence can express feelings and ideas. They liked the variety of physical activities such as sports. Suitable job for them are tailors, artisans, athletes, and mechanic.

Type of IQ test

IQ Test Question
IQ Test Question at Free IQ Test

There are two types of IQ tests as follows:

Kind of verbal IQ tests used to determine the level of ability to find a common concept of the examples presented like a duck, lion, dog = animals. Can define concepts that are not related to the group, for example cats, birds, rabbits, car. Can find order in the figures presented, and solve a series of numbers, and much more.
This test is designed to measure the ability to form certain images in the order of logic, could build shape of certain parts, and much more. This test aims to explore your mind abstract, complex and detailed. IQ is only a small contribution to a person’s success as the greatest contributions was obtained from the EQ or emotional intelligence. But many agencies are still holding an IQ test.

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